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Outdoors with Love

•O•W•L• is a project by Masaki Yokoyama, Takeuchi Futoshi, and James Gibson.

Using new materials and fabrication techniques to make minimal gear for trail runners, hikers and adventurers around the world. Our goal wasn’t to make more gear, or the same gear as other brands, but minimal products with specific functions that fulfilled our basic necessities while moving outdoors with love. It is because we love being in nature, and want to continue enjoying its beauty for many years to come, it became hard to continue making more things. We not only want to be conscious consumers, but conscious makers and to cause no unnecessary harm (like our friends at Patagonia). For this reason, we decided to pause our production until we could make new things, which not only causes less harm, but actually does good. Products that rejuvenates the environment and the lives of the people making and using our products, from material manufacturing to recycling, repairing and reusing. We would rather make nothing more than make something which does not align with our core values. So for now we are rethinking the type of gear we want to make and how to make it. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us down this path of exploration… a journey of discovery and possibilities.

Until then, we hope you continue enjoying life outdoors with love.

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