Trekking Pole Cover

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Keep pole tips safe while riding gondolas and public transport.

“No one remembers who climbed Mount Everest the second time.” — Edmund Hillary

Every year we travel to Tateyama for Golden Week backcountry snowboarding. Last year the rules for riding the gondola changed. Trekking poles and snowshoes must be covered if you want to enter the gondola (We expect that to be the same on other mountains). So we decided to make our own pole covers, disliking those rubber stoppers which end up littering the mountain. This product not only neatly covers your pole tips, it also acts a handy protector for tarps and shelter (such as Locus Gear Khufu). It has several loops for hanging lamps, towels and other items inside your shelter too. We also added an extra layer of tarpaulin inside to strengthen the area around the pole tip.




サイズ: 奥行き10.5cm, 高さ13.5cm, ポールチップの長さ7-9cm
Diameter is wide enough for winter snow basket. We use Locus Gear CP3 poles with 3D Snow Basket & Black Diamond Expedition poles with Powder Baskets. Please check your pole size before ordering.

スノーバスケットが十分収まるサイズに仕上げてありますが、ご購入前にお持ちのポールのサイズを確認ください。(OWLはLocus Gear CPに3DスノーバスケットもしくはブラックダイアモンドのExpeditionにパウダーバスケットを使っております。)

カラー: スレート, レッド

素材: X-Pac VX07 HS